The paradox of information and learning amalgamation

The paradox of information and learning amalgamation. Wow, such a fancy title. But what's it really about? 2 things: 1) The paradox of information = Why you should not read books 2) Amalgamation of learning = How to do learn stuff practically
I think this is gonna be a really controversial point. people will be like: "Wait!! What!! No books??! Why?"
A lot of people recently asked me how do I know so much stuff? How do I know so much?
So I thought I would just make a blog post about it
First thing: I don't know a lot, that's just your perception, here is a chart describing things I know and things I don't
notion image
Now coming back on how to learn things:
To be honest, I don't know stuff, but if you challenge me to do anything I'll do that