Viraj Chhajed

Viraj Chhajed

Hey! 👋🏻 I am Viraj Chhajed, a 17-years-old high schooler and serial entrepreneur currently building Basch.ML, a platform that helps you create AI-generated videos from text in minutes. I love Entrepreneurship, Technology, Superheros, Programming, Philosophy and Growth! Know more about me!

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Persuading people into agreeing to your requests

The foot in the door 🥾 technique is a simple psychological tactic that says agreeing to a small request increases the chance of agreeing to a larger request. Read more

How to write effective Cold mails

Always keep in mind that the purpose of the Cold email is to warm the target person up. Never Pitch! Never sell! After you have had a little chat, take them to the call then and pitch then, not now. Read more. Read more

Some simple signs of a bad product

You are going to devote your soul to building the next big thing. As a creator, it's hard to accept that your creation is just not good enough. 😟But don't commit the mistake of not accepting failures. You are only stretching your time of failure. Read more

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