How to do a successful product launch on Twitter

Blog Details: Author: Viraj Chhajed Written on: 26th July 2021
The twitter launch was a big part of why our Believers deal was successful. More about that, here.
Now let's understand the basics of using Twitter at the top of the funnel:
Let's start with our example:
This is the tweet
Results that we achieved ( as of 26th July 2021):
  • 58K Impressions
  • 8.4K Video plays
I achieved all this organically. I used a tool called to calculate how much will I have to spend on ads to achieve the same result
notion image
So I almost saved $350+ on ad spent. Nice.
Cool let's begin:
First of all, you need your content to be really good. Noting captures people attention like a video. Here is the video template that I designed for myself:
  • Strong hook in start
  • clear CTA at the end
  • energetic music
  • a clear description of product and deal
  • Video less than 1.5mins
  • should look premium
  • stunning visuals
Tools that I used to create video:
Now's the most important thing to remember:
Even if you have the best content in the world it will not get impressions automatically. This is what I did
Sent a warm up message
Before we launched the deal, we informed everyone to get ready as something was coming up!