Please fix education

Please fix education

The problem:

All this, complete time waste disguised as education, kills the true joy of learning. Learning calculus shouldn't be mandatory for everyone and why should an artist or designer be classified as "lower class" than a doctor or engineer.
Kids, including me, are power less. They are voiceless. This enrages me. This frustrates me. But more than that, it makes me want to step out to fight against this injustice.
The current education system was designed to create un-creative, obedient factory slaves. No system focuses on or creates the Leaders, the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, the"different-ones" of tomorrow. We need the kids, the humans of tomorrow to question, to imagine, to seek truth. And not just accept arbitrary facts.

What's wrong and why Ed-techs aren't helping a bit:

And please for God's sake stop making the kids dumb! In the name of exams like JEE, NEET and whatnot kids are praised to become unsocial, and study 14 hours a day! This is not education! Kids are only taught how solve MCQs and tests, they barely understand the subject let alone love it. Stop pushing people blindly into the rat race of acing the exams in the hopes of better future and salary. Ironically, People who don't even know how to use computers, just wanting to do CS just to get a good salary and prestige of passing out from IITs. This is never going to create world leaders. The kids who took up CS just for job are never going to contribute anything significant to that field, ever! And to make things even worse, the kid who was really good with Computers and really passionate about it could never get in, because he isn't able to solve a few MCQs. This is not the future anyone could be happy in!
Even more ironical is the fact that, education is not skill based, it's outdated. It's not going to take anyone anywhere. All ed-tech right now, I agree teach kids in better way. But did anybody question what they are teaching? They are just teaching the outdated and useless things in better way. They are garnishing rock, no matter how much you garnish inedible things, they remain inedible. They just teach the same useless stuff but with better animations.

Creating a better system:

The real thing to realise is that, the current system is broker for both leaders and followers. The system can't be fixed for leaders. Cause they are leaders for that very sole reason. They are the dwindling light that go against the storm, they are the rule-breakers, they are not the norm followers. They question, they seek truth. They cannot abide by any system. They cannot be constrained. For them, no system can ever exist.
But the system can definitely be improved for job seekers. They can be taught real stuff, they can be given the ray of hope. They too can win. In this world that's changing so fast, the time demands skill based education that catches up with it.

The challenge:

But the biggest challenge is not the inaction by government or lazy institutions or something, if there is demand naturally the government will have to come up with better education system. The biggest problem is the Indian angel parent syndrome. Indian parents cannot choose anything else but safety. Any career option is as good as nonexistent. It's their competitiveness and the status driven society that is the root cause of all of this.

Final notes:

Don't take me for a kid who is expressing his anger at his inability to get good marks and blaming the system. I got national rank 8th (98.40%) among 1.8 million students in my CBSE class Xth boards. I have won multiple competitive exams and stuff and believe me, it's useless. If I would have spent same results on something else like solving a real problem with a startup, the results would have been enormous. Imagine instead of 3 million+ students studying for useless exams, innovating or working on something they are truly passionate about. This world would have been a better place. If not better, at the very least happy.
It took me a lot of courage to convert my thoughts into words and hit publish for this post. But I did it, with hopes that it reminds me to keep working on this problem in future or someone else gets inspired to work on it.