Falling into the existential void and wondering what the purpose of life is, is a very human thing. Indeed it is what makes us "conscious beings" But this made me wonder why doesn't a common man wonders what the meaning or purpose of life is?
The answer is "distractions" Not the ones as you can think of. The actual "job", "work" or "tasks" that you perform on a daily basis is a distraction from this nihilistic life. You are so engrossed in it, that you forget to wonder about it
And the brilliancy of the societal structure is that it makes this very question worthless. How? Well it uses "escapism" Escaping the reality.
Just like how you forget everything around yourself when you play a game and the only thing on your mind is to beat the game.
Similar things are what constitutes our social structure. Your job Your religion Your tribalism Your human goals Everything is just a tool for distraction from the question: "Who or what are you? And what is your purpose?"
But if there is no purpose in life does anything matter at all? No, it doesn't But does that mean that you should do nothing if nothing matters? No. You can be an "optimistic Nihilist" not a pessimistic one :P
If nothing matters at all then why not enjoy this one life to the fullest and experience and wander the most out of it?