How we got our first 30 paid users for our SaaS

Blog Details: Author: Viraj Chhajed Written on: 13th July 2021
It got 60+ Retweets. So here I am writing this Guide ; )

we acquired 30 Users, $1500, 40k tweet impressions without even a product! And all within 15 hours!

First things first, you do not need to be some growth expert to acquire 30 Users, $1500 without even a product. Because Neither I am and I am writing this keeping a complete newbie in mind, so I'll cover the Basics too
Let's start with the Basics

This is the funnel we are going to use

  1. Attract people's attention
  1. Make them interested
  1. Explain them stuff
  1. Give them an irresistible offer
  1. Sell it 🤑
notion image
Let's start with the first part of the funnel:

Attract people's attention

Of course, you need people for that! That's when Distribution comes into play
Use channels, which you understand and have an audience on
For me, it was
  1. Twitter
  1. Waiting list of 250+ people

Don't have an audience or waiting list yet? Use this guide

Make them interested

Now let's start grabbing attention and making people interested!
What is the best medium to grab someone's attention these days?
Videos! That's the answer! Make awesome and engaging videos like this one:
Tools that I used to make this video:,,
Bonus tip:
  • Grab people's attention in start
  • And give them a clear Call-to-action in the end
  • Keep the video < 1 min

Explain them stuff

Awesome! Now you have people's attention and they are interested in your product. Now direct them to your website
Now it's the time to explain the stuff and persuade them to buy 🤩

You need an awesome landing page template for that!

Here's the structure to follow:
  • An awesome hero section that explains everything in a single line
  • An awesome explainer video made using
  • Social proof ( Testimonials )
  • Agitate the problem and show the solution
  • Give an explanation
  • Add about founders to build trust
  • FAQ
  • Final CTA
Cool, it's time to give people an offer!

Give them an irresistible offer

Give a No-brainer, irresistible offer!
We kept it $49 for a Lifetime!!! I know it sounds way too good to be true. That's an irresistible offer!

Sell it 🤑

Now, if you have done all this correctly, it will sell!
Here are our conversion rates:
  • 40K Impressions on Twitter + Waiting list of 250+ guys ( Reach people )
  • 6K People saw the video ( Attract their attention )
  • 600 people went on the site ( Explain them stuff & Give an offer )
  • 30 people bought it ( Sell )
notion image

Bonus tips:

The selling bit can take time, and we wanted to do it fast in 15 hours!
So we added FOMO Everywhere. Lol. So we kept it a limited deal. For only the first 30 people ;)
And we took advantage of it everywhere. In the video, on the landing page +,we created FOMO with the pre-launch hype.

Final note:

The most important thing to keep in mind during a pre-booking launch is to be a part of a great community and build trust there.
All the best and keep building!

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