How we got our first 100 signups in 12 hours! 🥳

Blog Details: Author: Viraj Chhajed Written on: 25th June 2021

Struggling to get the first 100 signups for your product?

Here's How we at Basch got our first 100 signups in 12 hours of launch
Before we begin, I would like to tell you that, this is one of the most insightful posts I have ever written. Read it till the very end. If you are busy right now, bookmark it or add it to your reading list, and come back later.
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Let's start the process!
I used a very simple technique involving four elements
  • The Target ( Categorisation and audience )
  • The Bait ( The Video )
  • The Hook ( The Landing page )
  • The Distribution ( Distribution is distribution 😂 )
The Target:
Know what you are building and whom you are building for. The better you know your Ideal customer profile the better. But it's ok if you initially don't understand that. That's what MVPs and smokescreen launches are for.
An MVP is a deliberate attempt to know about the market. Your aim should be analysing people's response to it
To be honest we didn't knew what our target audience was for Basch and we wanted to find out what our audience was. That's why we did a smoke screen MVP launch. What's a smokescreen MVP?
Here you go:
What we did:
We wanted to learn about our target audience and if our product added any value and was any good. We simply used our existing audience then.
Don't be like us, you can do better. Use this guide to validate your ideas for better launching:

The Bait:

Do you know what's really expensive? People's attention and time. Give people a reason to give you their time. ask yourself why should people pay attention to you?
Give them something useful, insightful, entertaining; or better, mix of all.
What is the most engaging and action grabbing thing on the internet right now? Short-form video content! Creating awesome videos with great storytelling, that's the key to capturing people's attention! And use for creating awesome videos!
Best framework for creating videos, that I personally used while creating the video for Basch:
  • Strong hook in start
  • clear CTA in end
  • energetic music
  • clear description of product and deal
  • sell hopes not product
  • Video less than 1.5mins
  • should look premium
  • stunning visuals
And yes, use to effortlessly create awesome videos!
Well, there is a lot about storytelling, psychology, attention and focus that you need to understand and can't really be covered in this blog. I'll have a write a separate blog about it. And if you don't wanna miss that upcoming blog subscribe to to get notified ;)

The hook:

The landing page is the hook, the place where you have to capture the lead's email / make them do a certain action.
Creating landing page seems easy but isn't! there is a lot that you need to understand about human psychology and humans in general!
I'll try to keep it precise but cover as much as possible:
Understand these three things before making a landing page
  • Do not sell features or product. Sell HOPE. That's the easiest to sell
  • Only 2/10 people will scroll beyond your hero section (Opening screen )
  • the decision whether to buy or not, its made within 10 seconds of entering the landing page. The rest of the time is just spent justifying the decision.

Ideal structure for a landing page:

  • The the headline and sub-heading should cover this
    • Tell who this is for
    • What it does
    • and why should people care
  • Then add a CTA ( Call to action )
  • Then give people an explainer video ( There is nothing better than engaging explainer videos and nothing better than to create engaging videos )
  • Next step: Agitate on the pain point that people have and show them how your product solves that!
  • next: Speak about how this product will make peoples lives better.
  • Add some testimonials, FAQ etc. Whatever you think will help kill people's objections.
Link your CTA to the email capture form!
Remember that if people are still scrolling beyond this point and haven't bought yet they have objections.
And another name for the landing page is Objection killer. Kill all their objections and reduce the friction as much as you can. So they can effortlessly signup for your product ;)
And yeah, don't freak out if this sounds like a lot of work. Even I haven't implimented all this in Basch's landing page yet. Becasue, Done >>>>>>> Perfect! This is just the ideal structure, but you are free to mess around ;)
Again, there are still a lot of things that go into making a successful landing page. Because at the end of the day it's a psychological persuasion tool. As I am writing this blog I realize that each sub-topic in this like landing page, videos, distribution etc. deserves a blog of its own. And if you don't want to miss these upcoming insightful blog subscribe to my newsletter at to get notified :D


now realize this, you have a video that grabs people's attention, a landing page that persuades people to sign up. All you need is something to reach a lot of people and that my friend is distribution. Ideally, you should have an audience if you followed the validation and ideation process right. more details at (
The only 3 Modes of reaching people ( Atleast that's what I know of):
1) Money
2) Time
3) Audience
What to do when you don't have any of these? Go and start building these first! As simple as that. there is no other shortcut that I know of.
what we did when we launched was:
I had ~200 followers and Digvijay had around ~1000 followers on Twitter. even though we had a very very small audience, our video was so damn amazing that people loved the product and everyone started tweeting about us. We got a lot of attention on Twitter that day. A good chunk of viewers went to our site and signed up! We had around 100+ Signups that day!
Fun fact and Tip: Don't use a Form with signup limitations. To be honest, we expected 10 signups, so we used the free version of Typeform which allows only 100 signups.
This was me at 12:30 am, lol
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All the best and keep building!

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