How I grew my Twitter from 0 to 1k+ followers

Blog Details: Author: Viraj Chhajed Written on: 9th August 2021
A guide on how I grew my Twitter from 0 to 1k+ followers ( meaningfully ) and how you can too.

The keyword to focus on here is Meaningfully 🎯

Anyone can build an audience, our aim is to do it in a meaningful manner. More on this later.
Also, this advice is gonna be completely different. So, if you just want to grow your following with some easy hacks, you better skip this.

Why you should do this in the first place:

  • Create an audience for your product
  • Create an awesome community
  • Get opportunities ( So many VCs approached me through Twitter DMs 🤯 )
  • It increases your visibility surface area, hence increasing your luck
  • Establish a domain authority
  • Believe it or not, it's social validation
  • most importantly:
  • Meet some of the smartest and coolest people ( I met my co-founder on Twitter 👀 )
Coming back to the word meaningfully:
Your audience should help you achieve these things, not just increase your follower count.

Now, let's begin!

Growing from 0 to 200:

This is probably the most crucial stage. Your only aim is to create friends here. period.
I personally went on calls with each one of my first followers!
( not 200, but 50+ calls for sure!)
But how do you make friends or get calls?
@srushtiuniverse wrote an awesome guide on this:
Fun fact:
I met people like @digvijaysra, @aryxnsharma, @ayshptk, @sahilypatel and many more awesome people at this stage!
These guys are my friends now, more than friends! I can't even count how many times these guys have supported me!
Love you guys :)
The follower count is fake.
This support is real.
This is meaningful.

Growing from 200 to 500:

I am not a content creator! I just document my learnings and experience! And try to provide value where I can!
The key here is to be most helpful, not the smartest!
And people will automatically start asking you for help,
now document the most asked stuff (Like this thread), your insights and your random musings:
By now, this content will start snow-balling and reaching more people.
I personally started building in public and that's how I documented my experiences and thoughts

Growing from 500 to 1000:

By now you will have developed an understanding of what works on Twitter and what Doesn't.
Also, you will have developed a niche
Like I am "the Gen-Z Build in Public guy"
@digvijaysra is "the tech prodigy"
Now keep posting, engaging and helping people, and putting out insightful stuff.
You'll grow in no time!

Final Note

There are obviously better ways to grow on Twitter, but I chose this.
Because, as I said, I wanted it to be meaningful :)
Don't chase those likes or followers
( I am not saying that they are not important, but they shouldn't be the things you are chasing. I do care about my likes and follower count, I don't chase it. )
Chase awesome friends, amazing opportunities, and supportive communities :D

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